Bat in Attics

Seasonal Alert: high

As autumn approaches, some species of bats search for places to hibernate, including attics, basements, and house cellars. While they are helpful as insect predators, their presence can lead to hygiene issues due to the accumulation of guano and urine, resulting in unpleasant odors and a potential risk of disease transmission.

If bats have already entered your home, don’t hesitate to contact Aspen Wildlife Control immediately. They are experts in bat removal from homes in the Ottawa-Gatineau area!

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Bat in Attics

Seasonal Alert: Medium Activity

As summer approaches and temperatures rise, be aware of bat activity in your area! These critters are tiny enough to get into the smallest cracks – even a coin-sized gap is large enough for them. They like dark and hidden places such as attics or sheds, so it’s important to inspect these areas regularly and repair any possible entry points quickly. If bats have already made their way into your home, don’t hesitate; contact Aspen Wildlife Control right away: they’re experts at removing pesky bats from Ottawa-Gatineau homes!

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Bat Control

We Can Help You!

Bats are more than just night flying mammals – they can cause serious damage to your home and pose a risk to health. With their unique capacity for echolocation, bats make themselves at home in attics, where the mild temperatures offer an attractive place to stay. But don’t worry! We provide professional bat control services so you won’t have any unwanted guests living with you anymore – allowing peace of mind knowing that your family is safe from potential risks posed by these tiny creatures.

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Evaluate And Remove

Our team of expert technicians at Aspen Wildlife Control is highly trained to pinpoint the smallest openings that bats use for entry, so you can be sure your home will have a complete and successful evacuation. Before undertaking any removal efforts, our strategy first identifies the bat colony’s breeding patterns to ensure all members are successfully removed with safe and humane treatment – no exceptions! This way we prevent future re-entry costs or health hazards from leftover colonies.

Clear And Clean

Aspen Wildlife Control is dedicated to providing a reliable, safe and humane solution for wildlife disturbances. Our experienced technicians will identify any potential hazards resulting from infestations, giving expert advice on the best possible techniques to clean up and restore contaminated areas back to normal conditions. This ensures you can return to your home or business environment quickly – free of health risks caused by pest excrement or dead creatures!

Facts About The “Masked Bandits”

Bats are crucial to our environment, feasting on 3000 insects a night and contributing significantly to pest control. However, they can also become an inconvenience in populated areas; although myths of bats getting tangled in hair or drinking blood have been debunked here in Canada, these creatures still bring about their own set of problems that has managed to capture the attention – and dismay -of many people wanting them gone from their buildings.

  • Bats may seem small and harmless, but those who get too close are at risk of being bitten or inhaling their feces which can cause the dangerous lung infection histoplasmosis. The young, elderly, or people with weakened immune systems have a higher chance of developing this flu-like illness if exposed to bats and should take extra precaution when around them.
  • Cold temperatures motivate bats to settle in for some much-needed rest, with their hibernation period typically stretching from September until April. If one of its parents is killed, a young bat may choose to join them and not fight for survival. In addition, these nocturnal creatures feed every 24 to 48 hours – so trying hard as you might won’t help rid your home of an entire colony since there’s likely more where that came from.
  • Keeping bats at bay is no easy feat – their ability to navigate even the tiniest entry points of 1cm in diameter leaves homeowners vulnerable. But with consequences such as horrific odors and further damage, it’s worth finding a way to prevent these critters from entering your abode.

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