Despite their small size, bats can access your home through the tiniest of cracks – as little as six millimeters. Don’t be fooled by these tiny entry points; they provide plenty of opportunity for some species to roost in and around your house. Knowing which areas are most attractive is key so keep an eye out for spaces such as attics, eaves or gaps near window sills – all prime spots that make it just too easy for them to come visiting.

The intersections between the roof and the soffits

Bats can easily use the meeting of a roof and soffits as an entrance to attics, taking advantage of any small gaps in order to sneak their way inside.

Electrical conduits

While electricity plays an essential role in powering homes, it also invites a little known guest. Bats can sneak into your residence if the electrical cables and wires are not properly installed through secure conduits below ground – an important preventive measure for homeowners everywhere.

The holes around the chimney and windows

Despite their small size, some bat species can quickly find themselves inside a home through the tiniest of cracks – just 6 mm wide.

The different types of vents (roof vents, attic vents, dryer vents, wall vents, plumbing vents)

From the attic to the roof and even beneath our clothes dryers, vents are essential for allowing air flow while keeping out unwanted moisture or heat. But if we’re not careful with how they’re protected, these holes can become an inviting entry-point into our homes – bats included! To make sure this uninvited guest doesn’t have a chance of sneaking in undetected, it’s important that all vents be properly secured.

If you want to know if bats are roosting in your home, pay attention during the twilight hours! At dusk and dawn, observe these nocturnal creatures as they come out of their sleeping spots or leave on a quest for food. A timely watch can reveal where bats enter and exit from – but it’s also helpful to look for any additional signs that could indicate bat activity in your household.

Has your home become a fluttering house of horrors? Fear not! Our team is here to help you, your family and the bats find peaceful cohabitation. Don’t wait–reach out today for safe solutions that last!

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