Be vigilant if you ever find a bat in your home – these mysterious creatures can pose serious health risks! Rabies, for instance, is spread through bites that might not be easy to detect due their fine teeth. Histoplasmosis may also occur when airborne dust from droppings (guano) gets into the lungs. Fortunately with awareness and quick action it’s possible to avoid any danger associated with bats inside your dwelling.

Possible interventions to get rid of a bat

Battling a bat invasion in your home can be daunting, but luckily there are several strategies that you can try to get rid of. Whether it’s just one rogue invader or an entire colony taking up residence, specific methods exist for the successful eviction of each situation.

If the bat is alone

As an adventurer of the night, a bat was ready to take their first steps into unfamiliar territory when nightfall descended. Growing courage in this new world gave them strength as they ventured through shadows and beyond what had once been walls that contained them.

Now, with more patience than ever before–and all it needed was darkness and freedom!–the brave explorers found themselves on the cusp of discovery; only needing to be mindful while being captured gently so its fragile body could find solace out amongst nature where twilight reigns.

If a bat colony has settled in your home

Eliminating an animal colony can be a tricky process, but the most effective way to do it is during either spring or fall. To make their home unattractive and encourage them to leave, lighting up the area around their nest could help; then seal off any potential points of entry afterwards for good measure. Ensure your home is secure against certain species of bats! With just a 6mm entrance, they could be flying in without you even noticing.

Struggling to figure out if you’ve got a bat infestation at home? Our team has the expertise needed for uncovering these critters and helping you find the answers. Have bats invaded your home? Let us help you evict them in a way that’s safe and respectful for everyone – including the furry intruders!

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