Female bats are fiercely maternal creatures, drawn to dark and warm nesting areas. While most wild habitats make suitable havens for raising their young, they often find a special fondness in the attics of our homes. Their unerring homing instincts guarantee that generation after generation will return to these familiar haunts as if it were always meant to be so.

How do bats get into houses?

Bats often pick the most comfortable entryways possible when deciding how to access a building. These can range from roof edges and structural cracks, for more traditional routes, or innovative alternatives such as vents set into walls and roofs – perfect escape hatches which also provide necessary air circulation throughout the space.

Bat species come in all sizes, and some are so tiny they can fit through a gap as narrow as 6mm – barely wider than the width of a penny.

Are bats dangerous?

Bats are not only more useful than you think, they’re downright heroic! On a nightly patrol against pesky insects such as mosquitoes and moths, these amazing creatures can catch up to 600 of them in under an hour – saving us from itchy bites or damage to crops.

Although bats are often misunderstood, they can transmit a number of serious illnesses. Rabies is the most well-known infection associated with these flying mammals; if you have had contact with one and experience any symptoms, seek medical attention as soon as possible for a vaccine. Histoplasmosis is another condition caused by exposure to bat droppings – it’s wise to exercise extreme caution when near colonies or caves where large numbers gather.

Even if there’s no mark on your skin, it’s essential to seek medical advice after encountering a bat. The sharpened canines of some species make bites nearly imperceptible – so don’t take the risk.

With potential risks to your health on the line, it’s important that you contact professionals before taking any action if a bat has made its way into your home. Don’t wait—contact us today for an easy and safe solution!

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