Is your home harboring a nocturnal tenant? Check out these 7 tell-tale signs to see if bats have decided to make their nest in your home:

Is something not quite right in your house? Mysterious noises, an unpleasant odor… could bats be to blame? Understanding the signs of bat activity is crucial for identifying a possible infestation. Learn how to identify these 7 tell-tale indicators that furry critters have moved into your home.

  1. Feces outside or in your attic: If you stumble upon something wet and smelly in your attic or outside, it might just be guano from bats! With its crumbly texture and shiny residues absent of white specks, bat droppings are easily identifiable. As an added bonus to this otherwise unpleasant discovery – bat guano is a fantastic natural fertilizer that can fertilize the soil in garden beds.
  2. Strident noises: You might have noticed some strange, high-pitched noises coming from your home – this could be an indication that bats are living with you! Just like the creatures of the night use echo-location to identify and find their way through dark spaces, these same sounds they generate can offer us a hint into where they may lurk. So if you’re hearing mysterious chirps or squeaks in your home, it’s time for detective work – maybe there’s something far more interesting than dust bunnies lurking around corners.
  3. Scratch marks on the walls: Mysterious scratches appearing on the walls, ceiling or furniture could be a sign that you have unexpected guests – bats! Uncover why they’ve decided to make your home their own and how to protect yourself from any potential risks.
  4. Brown or black spots around potential entry points: Mysterious greasy tracks leading to and from potential entry points often alert us that bats are on the prowl. While they may be unsightly, these brown or black spots can easily be removed with proper treatment.
  5. A pungent smell from the attic: The attic revealed something unexpected–an odor so pungent it could be mistaken for toxic ammonia. It is likely an indication of a bat infestation, drawing attention to their guano and its strong smell.
  6. Dead bats on your property: You may have thought you saw something strange on your property – but it’s not what it seems! Beware of the notorious “living dead” bats that can lie in wait, appearing to be sick or even lifeless. These crafty creatures harness a special power called torpor, which allows them to conserve energy until they are ready for takeoff again.
  7. Bats fly in or around the house: Have you been greeted by the flutter of wings around your home lately? Chances are, bats may have taken up residence in or near your attic. Attracted to insects drawn towards streetlights, these nocturnal creatures can often be seen swooping through the night sky in search of a meal.

Your home could be harboring more than just memories – bats may have taken up residence inside! While these winged creatures can bring us enjoyment, it is advisable to seek professional help in case of any potential health hazards such as rabies and histoplasmosis. Be on the lookout for signs like droppings or noises – if you spot two or more indicators, that’s your cue to call Aspen Wildlife Control experts!

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