Alluring aromas and tasty treats attract wasps like a moth to flame. When searching for the perfect spot to establish her domain, even the queen of this flying kingdom has discriminating tastes; she prefers sheltered areas such as tucked away attics or leafy gardens.

What can I do to prevent wasps from settling in my home?

Keep your picnic or outdoor meal safe by covering food to block out any odors that may draw in wasps. Clean up any spills right away, and make sure there are no crumbs left behind on the deck afterwards. To store refuse properly, consider getting a garbage can with an airtight seal if it’s going to be outdoors for prolonged periods of time.

Can wasps cause damage?

Wasps are not to be trifled with! As a highly territorial species, these pesky insects will fiercely defend their colonies which could put unsuspecting humans at risk. The sting of the wasp can cause immense pain and even prove fatal for those allergic – but there’s more; unlike bees, who only have one sting each, wasps retain the capacity to attack multiple times in quick succession.

Oh no! There’s a wasp nest on my property!

For a peaceful, stingless autumn experience, let wasps do their thing in their nest until November or December. When the cold weather arrives and these industrious creatures have fled to find warmth elsewhere, you can then safely remove any deserted nests without fear of being buzzed by surprise.

Protect yourself from the nest workers with protective clothing and a net for your own safety. Venturing out in the evening is recommended to remove wasps’ nests, but be sure not to light them directly! Wrap up their home securely in a plastic bag before storing it away – such as placing it inside of a freezer for at least 48 hours – which will effectively rid you of these pesky pests.

Don’t take the risk of attempting to remove a bird’s nest on your own – contact us today for expert help! Our experienced professionals will ensure safe and efficient removal, so you can rest easy.

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