Have you ever felt like something was buzzing in the walls? Bees may be to blame! If your living room seems alive with activity, it could mean that a hive of these industrious creatures has chosen your fireplace as its home. Keep an eye out for wandering bees – they just might have taken up residence in the chimney.

Installing vents can be a great way to keep your home comfortable and healthy. Roof, attic, wall or plumbing vents are designed to let out moisture and heat as well as ensure air circulation – all of which will help maintain the temperature balance in your house.

Your home can be vulnerable to unwanted visitors from many directions, including through cracks and nooks around the exterior. Gutters, roof lines and other areas often left untouched are all potential entryways for critters looking to move in!

Are bees dangerous?

Bees may appear mild-mannered, but don’t be fooled! While they typically only feed on nectar, bees will fearlessly use their stinger to protect the safety of their hive. But it comes with a consequence – when its barbed needle pierces through skin and stays there for good, the bee is left vulnerable and ultimately meets an unfortunate demise. Approach all hives around your home wisely; you never know what could happen if one feels threatened by your presence.

Why do bees set up their hives in my house?

While bees are a crucial part of our world, bringing us honey, pollination and other benefits – they can sometimes find their way into unexpected places. If you suddenly notice that some fuzzy friends have taken residence in your house it’s likely due to the fact that these little critters seek dark and sheltered homes.

Why remove the hive from my house?

Although bees are key to our environment and provide a natural sweetness through the creation of honey, having a hive near your house poses risks. Animals that can cause more harm than good may flock towards it due to its enticing smell, in addition to potentially damaging any structures nearby. 

If you find yourself with an unwanted bee situation at home we strongly suggest calling on outside help as soon as possible – so don’t delay! Get in touch with us today! for guaranteed safe removal of hives from your property.

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