Signs of a Squirrel Infestation in Your Home

Squirrels may look cute and playful from afar, but they can wreak havoc in your attic! Here are some telltale signs that these bushy-tailed bandits have taken up residence in your home:


Listen during the day: Since squirrels are most active during the day, listen for strange noises coming from your attic, walls, or behind chimneys during daylight hours. This could include scratching, thumping, or scurrying sounds as they move around, search for food, or try to gain entry.


  • Look for small, oval droppings: Keep an eye out for droppings that are about the size and shape of a peanut, often clustered near entry points, in the attic (particularly near their nests), or around crawl spaces. Unlike other potential animal invaders, squirrel droppings are unlikely to have a strong odor. The presence of droppings not only confirms an infestation but also helps pinpoint areas of activity within your home.


    • Inspect your roof for entry points: Squirrels are resourceful chewers and can cause significant damage to your property. Look around your roofline and eaves for signs of torn soffit panels, damaged roof shingles, or chewed holes – all evidence of their attempts to gain access. Once inside, the destruction continues.
    • Ripped insulation: Ripped or shredded insulation in the attic is a clear sign of animal activity, and could indicate squirrels searching for warmth or nesting materials.
    • Chewed wires: Even more concerning is potential damage to electrical wires caused by their chewing. This poses a serious fire hazard and requires immediate professional attention.


    • Tiny paw prints: Five-toed paw prints, about the size of a walnut, found near potential entry points or suspected nesting areas can be a telltale sign of squirrels. The presence of these tracks alongside other animal tracks can help with identification. If you’re unsure about the type of animal leaving tracks, consult a wildlife removal specialist for assistance.

    Other Signs:

    • Missing food or scattered scraps: Missing pet food or unusual food scraps scattered around your property indicate squirrels searching for easy meals.
    • Strange attic odors: A strange odor in your attic or crawl spaces can also be a sign of squirrel activity. Their droppings and urine can create a mild musky smell.

    Don’t wait to address a squirrel infestation! Contact Aspen Wildlife Control today for safe and humane removal solutions.