A furry menace has found its way into your attic! As wildlife specialists, we’ve come to understand the telltale signs of a squirrel invasion. These small rodents are notorious for their ability to squeeze through even the tiniest cracks and take up residence in unsuspecting homes. There’s no mistaking it – little rascals have infiltrated your house and make themselves at home among boxes and insulation.

Squirrels have five sneaky methods for reaching your attic! Keep up with their tricks and ward off these curious critters:

  1. Through the different types of vents located on the roof: Roof and wall vents provide a vital function in keeping the temperature and humidity comfortable for any home – but they can also be an easy entryway into your attic. Without proper protection, it’s all too simple for wildlife such as squirrels to gain access, causing problems that range from mild annoyance all the way up to serious damage.
  2. Through the roof curb: Even in the driest of climates, wet spots abound atop roofs – a crucial invite to pests and other wildlife looking for an easy way into your home. Without proper upkeep however, these often forgotten curbs become free rides over rooftops as rodents rapidly devour their weakened state before making themselves comfortable inside attics.
  3. Through the intersections between the roof and the soffits: Tiny portals created by the roof and soffits inviting curious squirrels into attics, giving them a hidden space to explore.
  4. Through holes made by other animals: Consider it a free real estate opportunity for local squirrels! If you have any holes in your attic from previous visitors, chances are that curious critters will make themselves at home. Make sure to repair those openings as soon as possible – otherwise the neighborhood furries may be moving in before you know it.
  5. Through the holes that squirrels make for themselves: Those fuzzy critters may look cute and cuddly, but don’t let their looks deceive you – squirrels boast incredibly sharp teeth that can create access to your home in no time! Rare cases have even seen them drilling through walls with ease.

What to do if squirrels are already in the attic

If you think furry, four legged critters might have made their way into your home, Aspen Wildlife Control can help! With an animal-friendly approach to removing pests from residential attics and more, we aim to put safety first – for both the creatures involved and yourself. Utilizing special techniques that don’t involve extermination or trapping squirrels in places they shouldn’t be is our priority so everyone remains safe & sound!

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