As Wildlife experts we are more and more amazed by the ingenuity of rodents such as squirrels, chipmunks, and others trying to enter our homes. Seemingly impossible entrance points can become possible hideaways for these little guests – it’s a real game of cat-and-mouse!:

By different kinds of vents (roof, gable, attic, dryer, wall, plumbing)

Vents may seem like innocuous decorations on the exterior of a house, but they can actually be an open invitation to intruders! Unless properly screened off, these holes or openings in roofs and walls are susceptible to being infiltrated by pesky squirrels seeking shelter from the elements. Not only that – vents also perform essential functions such as removing excess moisture and heat (attic & dryer vents) or providing air circulation for plumbing systems. Make sure your home is safe by making sure all its vent points are adequately guarded against curious critters.

By roof edge

Roof edges can be a weak spot for homeowners, attracting water that wears away the surface and creates an entryway for pesky squirrels. With their gutters, snow banks, or vegetation collecting pools of rainwater and melting snow on them – these areas remain wetter than other parts of the home’s exterior; leaving them vulnerable to damage over time.

By roof-soffit intersections

Squirrels are notorious for their ability to find the smallest of spaces and create an entrance into even the most secure places – like your attic! The roofline junction can be a vulnerable spot, leaving behind just enough room between roof and soffit as an opportune way in.

By chimneys

Squirrels may seem cute from afar, but they can be a nuisance when taking up residence in your chimney! Keep them away by protecting the top of your chimney with suitable caps – keeping furry visitors at bay.

They can enter through holes made by other animals or birds

Unfilled holes in your walls and roof offer a unique opportunity – they may soon become home sweet home for some pesky critters! Squirrels can be particularly troublesome as they often seek out warm, dry places to nest. So make sure you don’t leave any openings around your house that could invite these furry interlopers into your humble abode.

They can enter through holes they create themselves

Though we may have our defenses, no wall is safe from the determined antics of squirrels – with their powerful rodent teeth they can break through even the sturdiest barriers and make a home for themselves.

What if squirrels or chipmunks are already inside?

If you think that wily squirrels have already set up shop in your house, do not block the entry point where they are likely nesting – this could lead to a much bigger problem if a trapped little critter is left behind.

With Aspen Wildlife Control, you can trust that our advice is reliable and proven. Rest easy knowing your problem will be handled safely and efficiently by a team of knowledgeable experts!

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