Raccoons are some of the most expert infiltrators; with their tremendous agility, they make their way into many homes seeking refuge. More often than not it is female raccoons that take up residence in attics and other areas due to these spots’ warmth, darkness and security. If you suspect your abode has been infiltrated by one of nature’s superstars – then chances are good there’s a mischievous mama on the prowl.

From the start of the year until autumn, female raccoons have a special fondness for making their homes in residential attics. With an incredible drive to nurture and care for her young, if given the opportunity mama coon will take them out of your attic with her to find somewhere else that suits their needs better.

How do I know if a raccoon is in my attic?

Could there be a mischievous raccoon lurking in your attic? Look for clues:

  • Loud noises from your attic when the raccoon walks;
  • Smelly odors caused by the animal’s urine and feces;
  • Higher energy costs due to tearing in your attic insulation;
  • Spilled garbage cans with their contents scattered on your property.

Beware – a raccoon could be lurking in your attic! Look out for telltale signs! Don’t wait; take action now to prevent any unwelcome visitors!

What to do and what not to do

When dealing with unwelcome animal guests, it’s essential to remember that there are far more compassionate solutions than trapping or eviction! With this in mind, be conscious of any potential offspring left behind as the mother’s absence could lead to serious consequences for her young.

If you suspect a raccoon has breached the boundaries of your home, don’t worry! Our experts at Aspen Wildlife Control are here for you. We will take all necessary measures to ensure these pesky critters find their way out and leave your house in peace.

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