Warning Signs: Birds May Be Nesting in Your Home

Spring brings beautiful melodies from our feathered friends in Gatineau and Ottawa.  However, their enthusiasm for nesting can sometimes lead them to choose unwelcome locations – your home! Here’s what to watch out for to identify a potential bird infestation:


Sounds of Spring:

Listen Up: Unusual chirping, hooting, or fluttering noises, particularly near eaves, vents, or chimneys during the day, could indicate nesting birds. Birds are most active during daylight hours, so pay attention to sounds coming from these areas.

    Signs of Activity:

    • Birding Buddies:  Watch for birds perched on rooftops, ledges, or nesting under eaves.  Their droppings and feathers can also be clues to their presence. Look for them building nests with twigs, leaves, or other materials near potential nesting sites.
    • Damage Done:  Inspect vents, soffits, and eaves for signs of bird activity, such as pecking damage.  Birds may also damage siding or roof shingles in search of nesting materials or insects.

    Don’t Let Birds Disrupt Your Spring Peace

    If you suspect a bird infestation, contact Aspen Wildlife Control. We understand the importance of resolving bird problems humanely and in accordance with local wildlife regulations.  Our experienced technicians will use safe and effective methods to remove birds from your property and prevent future problems.