Addressing Unwanted Birds in Gatineau & Ottawa: Safe, Effective Solutions

Spring brings a chorus of birdsong to Gatineau and Ottawa, but their enthusiasm for nesting can sometimes lead them to unwelcome locations – your home!  This can create a number of problems, and Aspen Wildlife Control is committed to resolving them humanely and in accordance with local regulations.  Here’s what sets us apart:


Prioritizing Bird Safety & Well-being:

  • Understanding Bird Nesting Habits: Our technicians are highly trained in identifying bird species common to the region, such as House Sparrows, European Starlings, Rock Pigeons, House Finches, and Woodpeckers. This knowledge allows us to tailor our approach to minimize disruption during nesting periods.
  • Respectful Removal Techniques: We prioritize safe and humane methods that comply with regulations set forth by the Ministry of Forests, Fauna and Parks (MFFP) in Quebec and the Ministry of Northern Development, Mines, Natural Resources and Forestry (OMNRF) in Ontario. Our methods focus on exclusion, allowing birds to leave your property but preventing them from re-entering.

    Exclusion Techniques for Long-Term Solutions:

    • One-Way Doors: These specialized doors are installed at entry points like eaves, vents, or chimneys. Birds can easily exit, but the one-way design prevents them from returning.
    • Habitat Corridors: When feasible, we may create temporary habitat corridors to guide birds away from nesting sites and towards more suitable locations.
    • Habitat Modification: In some cases, minor modifications around your property, such as sealing small gaps or removing nesting materials, can deter birds from establishing nests in unwanted locations. We will ensure these modifications comply with provincial wildlife regulations.

    Live Trapping and Relocation (Used as a Last Resort):

    Live trapping is only considered as a last resort and adheres to strict provincial guidelines set by the MFFP and OMNRF.  Traps are placed strategically and monitored regularly to minimize stress on the birds. Captured birds are then relocated to suitable habitats away from human residences, following provincial wildlife relocation protocols.

    Preventing Future Problems:

    Once the birds are removed, we’ll identify and seal all entry points using durable materials to prevent future infestations.  We can also provide recommendations on how to minimize attractants around your property, such as bird feeders or accessible food sources.

    Why We Avoid Certain Methods:

    • Inhumane Techniques: We never use methods that could harm birds, such as chemical deterrents or poisons. These methods are not only cruel but can also be ineffective and disrupt the natural ecosystem.
    • Focus on Long-Term Solutions: Our approach goes beyond simply removing birds. We address the underlying reasons for their presence and implement strategies to prevent future problems.

    The Aspen Wildlife Control Difference:

    By choosing Aspen Wildlife Control, you’re choosing a company dedicated to safe, humane, and regulation-compliant bird removal.  Our experienced technicians will work efficiently and effectively to resolve your bird problem while respecting the well-being of these feathered residents.

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