When Spring rolls around, skunks flock to urbanized areas for the perfect nest. With an eye out for shelter and searching far and wide for food sources, these mothers-to-be set off on a quest soon after arriving – hoping to find safety in order to bring their young into the world. Armed with ferocious protection against predators should they get too close, mother skunk never strays away from her little ones until they are grown enough by June or July that she can start weaning them off of their cozy den home.

If a skunk family has taken up residence near your house, it’s important to remember that removing just the mother won’t solve anything. Skunks are fiercely devoted parents and she’ll do her utmost to reunite with them in an effort to keep them safe. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can help this little clan find another home without risking getting sprayed.

What to do and not to do

The key to evicting a skunk is creating an unwelcome atmosphere – unpleasant, bright and loud. Doing so will leave it looking for greener pastures.

When dealing with animal intrusions, it is essential to remember that non-lethal methods are always preferred. Avoid using traps – this can end in heartbreak for the mother and her little ones if she cannot return home to care for them.

Let Aspen Wildlife Control’s technicians demonstrate their expertise and help you out if a smelly skunk has taken up an unexpected residence in your home. Our experts will work hard to give these unwelcome visitors the boot, so don’t fret – let us handle it!

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