Mice are an ever-present danger; they may be small and seemingly harmless, but their presence in a home can bring potential catastrophe. Embarking on an annual hunt for both food and shelter come fall time, mice will try to circumvent the chilly winter by seeking refuge indoors when temperatures drop. Despite being only inches long from nose to tail, these creatures have been known to wreak havoc within buildings: gnawing away at electrical wiring or carrying potentially deadly diseases – one species of mouse particularly carries hantaviruses that cause severe pneumonia.

How do I know if there are mice inside my house?

The telltale signs of a mouse invasion are becoming all too real:

  • Scratching and scampering noises in the walls at night
  • Objects gnawed or chewed
  • Damaged food packaging
  • The presence of feces and urine
  • Mouse paw prints in the dust
  • Holes or burrows in the foundations or around your home.

If you spot any of these telltale signs, don’t delay – mice are renowned for their rapid reproduction and can create a full-blown infestation in no time!

What to do if there are mice?

Protecting the gardens around your home can be tricky. Luckily, numerous traps and products are available to keep pests away – some bait-dependent, others not. For maximum effectiveness when using a trap with bait, opt for something that is stickier than usual as well as having an intense smell; peanut butter might just do the trick.

Aspen Wildlife Control is here to ensure that your home remains a safe haven for you and those who are invited, not uninvited guests! Our experienced team of technicians can effectively encourage any mice attempting to enter without resorting to harmful means. Your sanctuary will be respected and restored with our humane practices.

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