Mice are ingenious creatures that will stop at nothing to ensure their survival. In the face of danger from predators such as foxes, cats, wild dogs and even some insects – they ingeniously seek shelter in the most unexpected places- often squeezing through a hole no bigger than a quarter.

They can enter through sufficiently large spaces around the house

Keeping your home secure from any uninvited critters is important – but don’t forget to also check that you are able to keep the warm air in, too! If a mouse can pass through cracks around your doors, it’s likely cold drafts will follow. Make sure weatherstripping has been properly installed for both peace of mind and energy efficiency.

Your windows can be more than just a source of light and ventilation – they might also let in unwelcome guests! Mice love to take advantage of tiny gaps around improperly sealed frames, leading not only to an infestation but also wasted energy. Strengthen your home’s security by making sure all your window seals are airtight.

Keeping rodents out of your home is essential to maintain a healthy living environment. To do this, it’s important to check the foundation and seal up any cracks or holes that could let in small creatures like mice – don’t forget those pesky spots around pipes! For maximum protection, fill them with steel wool before caulking them shut.

Mice can be surprisingly crafty when looking for a way into your attic – they might take advantage of small openings in dryer ventilation ducts, or slip through the gaps between your roof and soffits. To ensure that these sneaky critters don’t penetrate this space, it’s recommended to cover them with some thin wire mesh as an additional form of protection against their entry.

What attracts mice?

Mice are always looking for a cozy home and they’ll take refuge in any crevice or corner that looks inviting. Taking steps to protect your property is key; an easy one can be raising firewood piles at least 30 cm off the ground, as mice often seek shelter beneath these sheltered stacks of logs.

To keep pesky mice away, make sure to properly store any food waste in a tightly sealed trash can or compost bin. If you’re DIY-ing your own compost box, installing wire mesh is crucial for preventing little critters from getting the goods.

Water is a precious resource, but too much of it can have unwelcome consequences. If you’re not careful and let leaking faucets or open drains linger around your home, they may become an irresistible invitation to rodents looking for their next sip! To keep mice away from water sources in and near your house, be sure to promptly repair any dripping taps.

Once the mice have infiltrated, their mission is to discover new food sources. To prevent this from happening and keep them at bay, it’s critical for kitchens to be squeaky clean – eliminating crumbs in sight! Securely store all of your dry goodies in containers that will never let these critters get away with a bite; glass, plastic or metal are totally okay.

What if the mice are already inside?

If you think your home has become a haven for mice, don’t attempt to barricade them in! Not only could it be harmful to the little critters, but they may still find ways of sneaking out – making all your hard work essentially pointless.

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