Protect your home: spring alert for birds intrusions


As spring arrives in Ottawa-Gatineau, it’s important to be mindful of potential bird intrusions into homes. While birds can bring beauty and charm, their presence indoors can lead to noise, mess, and potential damage. Let’s explore how to identify signs of bird activity and prevent intrusions.

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Identifying Signs

Watch out for signs such as chirping noises, nests in unusual places, and bird droppings around your property. Birds may attempt to nest in attics, vents, or other sheltered areas.

Potential risks

Bird intrusions can result in noise disturbances, mess from droppings and nesting materials, and potential damage to property. Additionally, certain bird species may carry parasites or transmit diseases.

Preventive measures

To deter birds from entering your home, consider installing protective screens on vents and sealing off openings. Trim tree branches near your home to prevent easy access. Keep outdoor areas clean and avoid leaving food sources accessible.

Birds removal professional assistance

If you encounter a bird intrusion issue or need assistance in managing the situation, contact Aspen Wildlife Control. Our team of experts can assess the situation, safely remove any intruding birds, and implement preventive measures to prevent future occurrences.

By staying vigilant and taking proactive steps, you can protect your home from bird intrusions this spring. For professional assistance and peace of mind, reach out to Aspen Wildlife Control.

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